Silent Assassin:

The battle between black

hyper-masculinity & mental health


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Program summary

Our goal is to raise awareness and educate the black and mental health professional community about the harmful affects of society and mental health regarding black males of all ages and understanding the magnitude of untreated mental disorders in Black males. We know in the black community, there is a heavy stigma and many are suffering in silence at the expense of their lives. This will also create a safe space for black males to discuss the issues they face when it comes to experiencing depression and other mental health issues. We want to shed light on the intersectional erasure (gender and race) involving mental health. Many Black male youths are subject of misdiagnosis due to the lack of cultural sensitivity in establish institution, lack of research advancements focused on black males in general and cultural biases that have been created towards black males. We want to discuss the negative sociopolitical and sociocultural experiences Black males face that may affect mental health treatment and services inaccessible to them. Lastly, we want to discuss why black males are more frequently displaced in some type of correctional facility first rather than implement another option such as rehabilitation centers to give them the appropriate care that they need.