This campaign is focused on others sharing their story about how they arrived to self-love. Self-love is often overlooked in mental health but it plays a key role in mental wellness. We emphasize the importance of self-love.

Shoutout to Tawny Davis for her #selflove story.

"The most important thing they fail to teach us in the educational system is self-love. Loving yourself is the bravest thing you can do in a world that tells you to be everything but yourself. I challenged my clients to post a self-love note daily upon my arrival. I dare you to find something new you love about yourself everyday. We naturally point out the things we don't like about ourselves or the things we want to change. When you look into the mirror you only see a reflection of yourself.  You don't see the people you touch or have impacted. You don't see your power that lies within. You don't have to compare yourself to others because darling YOU ARE ENOUGH...Just in case you weren't feeling like it. Here's a gentle reminder! You are magic don't you see?"

Shoutout to Aaliyah Vaughn for sharing her story about her #selflove journey!!!

"Learning to love myself wasn't an easy process, in fact I struggled with it for years while I was growing up. Learning to love and accept all of my flaws has given me the greatest sense of confidence, which I never thought I would achieve. When you begin to accept who you are, you feel no need to pretend to be someone you're not, or compare yourself to others. It is the most powerful and freeing feeling in the world."

Shoutout to Greg Howell for sharing his story about #selflove!

"It starts with ME! SELF...When you first love thy self the world moves at the beat of your drum. Do we learn how to love from receiving love? Do we learn how to love from rejection? How can you love when love isn't present? I often hear the older generation say 'just keep on living.' The older I get the more sense it makes. Love is unconditional. Love is timeless. Love is perfect. Love is God. So in order for me to first learn to love, I had to EXPLORE the GOD in me. Through exploring the God in me, I was left with this! I'm perfectly flawed. My shortcomings makes me unique. My mistakes set me free but through all the turmoil, I love me. Love is worth it, love is beautiful, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So get to loving yourself or no one will!!"

Shoutout to Rachel Thomas for sharing her story about #selflove!

"The journey wasn't easy at all. But the thing is, is once you find love within yourself it is the most beautiful feeling you could ever feel. I used to be so worried about my physical appearance that I never took a look inside to see who I really was. I struggled with relationships and situationships hoping that one day someone will show me how to love until I figured out that the only way you can experience GENUINE love is finding it within you. For anyone struggling with loving yourself know that you have to make a few sacrifices, but they will be worth it. I started doing the things I never thought I could do which made me love even harder. It requires patience, strength, and prayer. The journey is beautiful, despite the obstacles...the effort you put into it shows. Love yourself first. Be selfish. Take time on learning you which will make the love so much stronger. I found myself to be deeply in with the woman I am becoming and no one could ever change that. Change what you don't like and like what you can't change."

Shoutout to Joelisha Goggins for sharing her story about #selflove!

"I love my self because I have a dream, a vision, and a purpose. I accepted God's challenge to help create our future. Why I did it? I have no idea...I guess it's just in me. I love myself because my son loves me. My siblings love me. My parents love me. I love myself because my Kings need a wife like me, friend like me, and leader like me. I love my self because I have conquered so many things I never thought I would. I love me so deeeeeep, and I won't stop. I must succeed that's why it's important. And all the reasons listed above. Be blessed and love yourself."

Shoutout to Ashlie Deline for sharing her story about #selflove!

"Hello! I am a single mother who's son was diagnosed with a mood disorder at the age of 4. As each year goes by we learn and meet more challenges and the days are long and exhausting. It's hard but as his mother, I've learned the importance of self-care and #selflove. Mental illness is very isolating and even as a caregiver, it's so easy to fall into the dark hole of depression when you are watching your loved one struggle. We practice #selflove by trying to find happiness in every moment, being grateful for smiles and celebrating every milestone."


Shoutout to on of our speakers for 'Rx: SELF-LOVE, Devyn Denton, RN for sharing her story about #selflove!

"My self-love journey was not a quick or easy one! Growing up in a town where crosses were burned in my yard on a regular basis and I was the only 'mixed kid' K-8 in the school district. So I was never Black enough or White enough or Indian enough or Mexican enough for any group to fit in. Plus I was 5'8 in the 7th grade and fully developed, in addition from coming from a home a mother who was a college professional and very civic and politically motivated. So being just athletic which was expected was not an option. I was academically gifted but thought to be 'retarded' so I tested to be in 'special' classes. Honestly, I wasn't validated to be ok or as 'enough or ok' until I was in my late 20's. I didn't understand how anyone could love me if I couldn't love me because everybody had only ever identified me by labels. Culturally, it was not appropriate for me to articulate these feelings to anyone other than my mom and I felt why would I do that...the only thing my mom would ever say was not to care what people thought and to live my life and to be my best self. But on my dad's side, I remember going through traumatic events for not being light enough or pretty enough to gain his love or affection. That's why this is project is so important. If I would have thought that there was someone somewhere that could have been my safe place as a young girl. I know some of the self-doubt and self-destruction could have been avoided."

Shoutout to Omonigho A'Shayla for sharing her story about #selflove!

"Self-love is important to mental health because you cannot pour from an empty cup. If I am to give others the best of me, I have to give me the best of me first. This would also include owning and accepting everything I am and trusting in it. I learned to not compare my internal with others external and march to the beat of MY own drum! 'If I didn't define myself for myself, I'd be crunched up into others people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.'- Audre Lorde"

Shoutout to Mallory Branstetter for sharing her story about #selflove!

"Oh the beauty of imperfections. My story of self-love is just like any other. There was a time in my life when I hated my self. And I'm not talking just my body...selflove goes much deeper than that. You see I hated me, every aspect of myself. I hated my self fear, my self doubt, my self sabotage, I simply hated me. And it took me two long beautiful, rocky years to experience the freedom of self-love. Self-love isn't about just accepting your body it's about accepting you. About accepting all those quirky little things people call 'not normal' all those crazy dreams that you're scared to tell anyone else about, all those moments of frustration when you feel like you just aren't enough. Self-love is accepting the good, the bad, and baby all the ugly. Because you see as cliché as it sounds beauty is found in those not so beautiful things. In those moments where tears can't stop running, where anxiety just keeps popping up. Beauty is embracing you. All of you. The imperfect because imperfect is what makes beauty beautiful."

Shoutout to Ja'rod Walker for sharing his story about #selflove!

"Our creator denied it when he died for us...It is the process that constantly lets us know how much we need a relationship with God...Knowing that loving others more than ourselves will make life meaningful...Yet, learning that we should never allow anything less than we deserve emotionally destruct us...When you got on one knee to assure your love, but realized she didn't love herself enough to love you...It will cause you to be aware of the doors you open and you will begin to appreciate the doors you close...Its a difficult, but beautiful process...Self-love comes with pain, but wounds do heal over time...You can't love without selfless love nor self-love."

Shoutout to the lead administrators of The L.O.V.E. Project of Oklahom, Aleshia Overall, MA, LPC, for sharing her story about #selflove!

"Sometimes we as young women search for love in all the wrong places. When we realize love of self and love of God is the true starting place for contentment, peace, joy, and so many other wonderful things, you don't look at life from a victim mentality. Yes, we make mistakes. I've made them. Yes, some of those mistakes hurt and haunt us. But love yourself through it anyway. Love yourself enough to forgive and let go, forgive yourself. Let your smile be bright and your spirit be genuine. Learn to be unapologetically YOU. Find your purpose and go after it with gusto! And last but not least, please don't think self-love and self-acceptance happens overnight. It's a process. This process is ever changing just as you are. You deserve good things and you deserve good love. Your worth is not dependent on your past. Start today. Your heart, your spirit, your soul, and your mental health will all flourish because of it."

Shoutout to the Founder and Executive Director of The L.O.V.E. Project of Oklahoma, Cicely Johnson, MHR, for sharing her story about #selflove!

"I have a strong belief in some mental illnesses especially suicide and depression, are associated with lack of self-love. See, when I wanted to kill myself and tried to kill myself, I did not love myself. I did not have purpose or value myself the way God valued me. Somehow I had learned to believe that self-love is possible only IF, WHEN, or AFTER something happens first. For example, I will love myself, IF he loves me back OR I will love myself, WHEN I am in a relationship OR I will love myself AFTER I get married. I related self-love as an effect, not a cause. It had nothing to do with me, apparently. It was a consequence of other people's opinions and actions. It was as if they were holding my heart in their hands. How I felt about myself was determined by how they felt about me. I had no idea that loving me could be self-determined. Nor did I realize that self-love is essentially unconditional, that is, it needs no special conditions to exist. I have learned when you love yourself, you do not attach your value and love for self to people, circumstances, and your diagnoses. Your diagnoses is not who you are. We have to stop identifying with our depression, anxiety, people, life events as a tool to measure our self and as a determining factor to love ourselves."

Shoutout to one of our speakers for "Rx: Self-Love," Anthony Crawford, Jr. for sharing his story about #selflove!

"Self-love is the key to your salvation: I still and will always remember when I didn't know what it meant to love myself. I spent days and nights doing things that didn't feel too fulfilling. Drinking to past hurt and allowing sex to be the center of my life. Totally forgot about my dreams and my purpose. God put me on a path towardsSelf-Love and it made my life better."