February community pROGRAM


First, Love starts with you!  You will always find ways to love yourself more. It is a journey, not a destination. Loving yourself is a continuous cycle. You will always have an opportunity to love yourself more and love others. New life situations will happen and it gives you the chance to find new ways to love and accept yourself. It does not matter if you label the life situations as “good” or “bad,” you have the choice to love and accept yourself no matter what happens. You even have the choice and opportunity to create a better version of yourself in every situation that happens. For example, we lost the football championship, but I think we are an incredible football team. I think we are amazing athletes. So we will continue to train and become better athletes. I am grateful for being a part of an awesome football family. (example of the opposite)  Another example, my boyfriend just broke up with me because I would not have sex with him. I think I am an amazing lady and I do not have to have sex to be defined as valuable. I am valuable without having sex. I am worth it. I should be with a guy who values me the way I value myself. I love myself to not compromise who I am. When you love yourself, life situations will not sway your love for yourself.


So what are the keys to loving yourself? YOUR PERCEPTION. Your perception about yourself dictates whether you should love yourself. You see what you want to see about yourself. You see what your mind/thoughts is looking for. If you think negative about yourself, you will always look for negative things in your environment. If you think loving and positive thoughts about yourself, you will always see positive things in your environment. You will see love and good in others because you see it in yourself. Your eyes do the seeing, but it is your mind that decides what you focus on. Loving you is loving me. Repeat that with me: loving you is loving me. In the results of your thoughts, you never see the world; you see your thoughts. So what does that tell you about yourself in life? You have the power to create yourself and your life experiences.


Another key to loving yourself is to get know yourself. Enjoy yourself. It is so important to have knowledge of self. I mean your true self and not based off of the people you associate yourself with, the activities you do and what others say about you. Your true self is within you and not outside of you. Your true self is not measured from the environment. It is defined from within. What is outside of you is a different part of life. What is within you is not associated with what is outside of you. What is outside of you is influenced by you. You have control of how you respond to your environment. You have control of how you read your environment. You are responsible for your life. You are responsible how you live your life. Everything outside of you gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself. It does not define you. Remember that. Your environment gives you the opportunity for you to know yourself, it does not define you. Knowledge of self is an important key to loving self. When you know yourself, you have the opportunity to accept yourself and love yourself. Knowledge of self is a journey because you learn; you change and become more self-aware. It is your choice to appreciate yourself, give yourself time to love on yourself because it will show up in your relationships with other people. So take the time to know yourself. Spend time alone and reflect on your thoughts, reflect on your interactions with other people, reflect on how you treat yourself. We have to understand ourselves. How can someone else understand you, if you do not understand yourself? While you are getting to know yourself, be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself, and respect yourself. Everyone is in a different place in their life when it comes to knowing themselves. It is crucial to know yourself because it also teaches you how to love yourself.

I challenge you to do something loving to yourself. I challenge you to love on yourself every day. I challenge you to set aside a certain time of the day to yourself that you can love you. I challenge you to be kind to yourself. I challenge you to accept yourself. I challenge you to get to know yourself. Lastly, I challenge you to love yourself, completely.

Loving yourself is essentially unconditional, that is, it needs no special conditions to exist.