Marginalized Voices: Addressing Oklahoma's Mental Health Crisis

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The purpose of the program is to educate the community about the current state mental health bills. We have noticed many Oklahomans residents have had a difficult time understanding the bills. This is a FREE Event. It is not endorsed or being financed by any organizations. The legislators speaking on the panel will not be using this event as part of their campaign strategy. This event is nonpartisan and our organizations are also nonpartisan.

The goal is to:

*Help people who do not understand current bills in the legislature.

*Break down the legislative process so anyone can understand them.

*Educate attendees on the importance of who in the legislature you talk to.

*Learn the importance of how and what community can and should be involved in the legislative process.

We will discuss some of the bills that are still alive this legislative session. We will not discuss them all but we will discuss the more urgent bills and those that are extremely important to the consumers in the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is facing another huge budget cut in the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Many Oklahomans are affected by these budget cuts and are prevented from getting the adequate care they need to maintain mental wellness. We would like to create a space for the community to hear their legislators' strategy for Oklahomans to receive treatment and services despite the state's financial standing. We will also open up discussion about what the legislature is trying to implement to relief the financial crisis when it comes to mental health. The panel will discuss how theses bills created will alleviate the issues Oklahomans face when it comes to mental health. This will also give the community the opportunity to voice their concerns and problems they face that have not been addressed. The goal of the program is not only to educate the community about the bills and their purposes but to allow the legislators the chance to hear the people they serve.