finding our voice

Race-related Stress Support Group

The L.O.V.E. Project of Oklahoma presents a 10-week support group focused on race-related stress. Our goal is to help individuals find healthy coping skills to manage stress and break the habit of survival stress management.  The group also creates a safe space for them to express their experiences in Oklahoma as people of color. This is an adult support group. Children are not allowed to attend. We meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.


Finding Our Voice will be integrating the NTU Psychotherapy approach within the group sessions. NTU Psychotherapy is an afrocentric approach that is spiritually based. It is based on the core principles of anciety African and Afrocentric world view, nurtured through African American culture, and augmented by concepts and techniques of Western Psychology (Phillips, 2014). NTU Psychotherapy is spiritually based and aims to assist people and systems to become authentic and balanced within a shared energy and essence that is in alignment with natural order (Phillip, 2014). The principle of this approach is a guideline to harmonious living. The basic principles of NTU Psychotherapy include: Harmony, Balance, Interconnectedness, Cultural Awareness, and Authenticity. This approach recognizes that the healing process is a natural process in which the practitioner assists the client to rediscover natural alignment (Phillip, 2014). NTU Psychotherapy has 5 phases: 1. Harmony; 2. Awareness; 3. Alignment; 4. Actualize; 5. Synthesis


The term NTU (pronounced “in-too”) is a Bantu (central African) concept that describes a universal, unifying force that touches upon all aspects of existence (Jahn, 1961). NTU is the basic essence that unifies the universe and, as such, it is the essence of life (Phillip, 2014). NTU is the force in which being and beings coalesce, and insofar as human beings are concerned, NTU is both immanent (a spiritual force inside), and transcendent (a spiritual force outside) (Phillip, 2014).